Build the tanks

Date the girls

Choose your side



In Panzer Hearts you take the role of a young soldier, Bastian. Wounded in the battle Bastian gets a second chance to serve the Empire in a factory producing tanks to the front. Some of the people in the factory are linked to Bastians past and some to his future. They say love is blind, but in this case love and where it leads our young protagonist can completely change his future and the course of the war.


Panzer Hearts is a visual novel filled with romance and adventure. The setting is an alternative WW2 where nazi reign is replaced with a war mongering “Empire” that is terrorizing its friendly neighbours. The young men and women born and raised in the Empire see the war of aggression as justified. In Bastians case, a chain of events and a cry from his past makes him question his loyalty and his side in the war.


Panzer Hearts is a Visual Novel Game based on a story written by the award winning indie author Karri Liikkanen.